We manufacture high-quality bicycles built for performance, functionality and style. Our frame design will inevitably be noticed for its modern silhouette and seamlessly integrated features for urban riding.
We will be offering 3 Speed, 8 Speed and 11 Speed models. Internal gear hubs offer the best performance, durability and ease of use in the city compared to external derailleurs.
Aluminum is best suited for urban cycling as it offers the best strength to weight ratio with corrosion resistance. Carbon frames could be lighter but aren’t yet as resistant to the inevitable bangs and abuse city life demands. Steel is great, but heavy and susceptible to rust. Finally titanium would be lighter and stronger but would make the bicycle unnecessarily expensive.
We have 3 sizes S, M and L. Please refer to our Specs and Prices page for more details on fit.
We wanted to build a bike that would pack all the functionalities for urban riding without compromising performance and style. The X-frame design does just that. Inspired by some of the world’s fastest time trial bikes while still being comfortable to ride and easy to get on and off. Did we mention attention grabbing?
Our bikes are quality made by hand one by one in our partner facility in Portland, OR. They are industry veterans with over 20+ years experience in the bicycle industry. Bicycles are far cheaper than cars in the long run, and way more fun than sitting in traffic or cramped public transports.
We are working on a simple mounting interface for a front mounting rack that will not impede maneuverability while under load. And we also want it to look slick. Stay tuned as we finalize our approach.
Our frame will be sent to testing for EU standards (EN) during the next round of prototypes.
We strive to ensure that the bike we ship to you is trouble free and setup to ride with minimal assembly on your part (USA shipping only). But we all know mechanical things need tender love and care. For this reason we've spec'd components that are regularly serviceable by all bike stores. We would be happy to recommend a store near you to help service you and ensure you can ride your bike for years to come.


Sort of. We are a small company. Our focus is on the USA market as we launch. But we'll look at international shipping on a per case scenario under the following understanding:
  • You pay for the shipping fees
  • We cannot predict import fees in your country which could be another cost you have to absorb
  • We cannot ship the bike internationally in our easy to assemble method shipping box, requiring a bit more knowledge of bike assembly or bike store assembly fees.
That being said, we're happy to help you out, email us at orders@cylo.cc
We will provide a limited warranty for 1 year from date of purchase. If the bike frame is defective we will replace it. If an accessory is defective we will send you a replacement with instructions (if you need more help call us directly). If you damage it or decide that you don’t want it after we’ve shipped it to you, we will not be able to offer a refund — sorry.
No, Sales Tax (where applicable) will be added to your order when we start shipping. Lucky for you, we are based in Oregon where there is NO SALES TAX under the "nexus" ruling we do not have to charge you taxes either. International buyers need be advised this does not apply to them. Certain territories like the EU may impose import duties levied on goods of a certain price. Customers in those territories will bear these extra costs on their own.
If you decide to cancel your pre-order before the end of the pre-sales campaign, we will refund your purchase up to 90 days from when your pre-order was placed. Once the pre-sales campaign is over and we charged your credit card, we won't be able to provide refunds. This is because we need the funds to make the orders with our suppliers. We compensate you for this by giving you pre-sales discounts so everybody wins.
As a small company it is difficult to finance production with company assets. Pre-orders allows us to forecast demand, determine various costs and make pre-payments with our suppliers to get discounts that we pass on to you. We are able to offer these discounted prices only to our early supporters, so it is a win-win situation. We do however offer a 5 day "buyer's remorse" after the pre-sales campaign has ended and we have charged you for payment.
Our bicycles are produced in small runs. Delivery times vary due to demand. We aim to ship the bicycles on a first-come-first-served basis over a 3-4 months period.
For USA shipping, bicycles are shipped 90% assembled and require very little assembly on your end. Total setup time is about 10 minutes, and we provide clear instructions in the box as well as a video link on how to assemble your bike. Just take your bicycle out of the box the front wheel and dynamo, front fender and ride away. If you have any concerns upon inspecting your bicycle, please contact us before riding. Remember you can always call us, we'd be happy to do a video chat to walk you through the process and show you what to do.


Once you place a pre-order on our site, you will get a referral code, share this with your friends and family through social networks. If they also place a preorder we will credit you back $50.00 USD for every preorder placed with your referral code. The great thing here is that your friend also gets $50.00 off their bike order.
We will email you letting you know that we credited you back.
We are limiting referrals to 1 per person.
We will credit back your credit card number.
We will notify you when somebody uses your code.